Project Description:

Clayton Church Homes – Head Office and Residential Aged Care Facility Prospect

Client: Clayton Church Homes
Project Value: $6,500,000.00
Procurement Method: Managing Contractor

Harrold and Kite team have displayed strong leadership in the project management and construction of the new innovative Head Office and Residential Aged Care Facility at Prospect. Undertaking a major redevelopment where residents remain onsite is a challenge. The Prospect redevelopment was completed with significant praise from residents, families and staff, as Harrold and Kite acknowledged the importance of respecting that this was the residents’ home, and they were always aware of the proposed works. The close working relationship fostered by the team contributed to the timely and on budget completion of the redevelopment. This confidence in Harrold and Kite contributed to their subsequent appointment to undertake the Elizabeth Park redevelopment

Nino DiSisto | Chief Executive Officer, Clayton Church Homes

The project consisted of alterations and refurbishment of the existing 52 bed residential aged care facility, construction of new single storey 9 bed residential accommodation and a new two storey New Head Office complex.

Undertaking a major redevelopment where residents remain in occupancy is always a challenge. Our team with a collaborative approach ensured the best possible outcome for CCH and their current residents & families. They acknowledged the importance of respecting they were working within residents’ homes and were always respectful and considerate during the process.

Our team implemented creative staging and construction methodology to ensure the safety of the existing 60 residents and supporting staff was the highest priority throughout the process.

The construction was completed on schedule despite early inclement weather causing lengthy delays and the quality of workmanship by all trades during the entire build was of an extremely high standard meeting both the architects and the client’s expectations in all respects.