Project Description:

Ukaria Cultural Centre, Mount Barker Summit

Client: UKARIA Cultural Centre
Project Value: $6,800,000.00
Procurement Method: Lump Sum

The Ukaria Cultural Centre is a unique and beautiful building. Its acoustic performance has been recognised nationally and was described in the Australian newspaper as ‘Astonishing both visually and acoustically and is to be counted as one of Australia’s finest chamber music venues. Harrold and Kite were integral to the outstanding success of this project. Their attention to detail, the craftsmanship of their sub-contractors, particularly the carpenters, has resulted in a building which resembles a magnificent piece of the finest cabinetry. Their collaborative approach to working with the design team ensured that the building was delivered on time and on budget. As clients we greatly appreciated their care and co-operation and we highly recommend their services as builders of utmost quality.

Ulrike Klein | Founder & Director, Ukaria Cultural Centre

The Ukaria Cultural Centre project has been a rare opportunity to construct a brand-new building specifically for chamber music ensembles where acoustic quality & performance is of utmost importance. The construction of this facility required the principles of ecologically sustainable construction be adopted and strictly followed for the entire duration of the build.

Construction involved the use of a structural steel network supporting a steel and timber reciprocal frame roof. The roof was constructed from composite steel & single span timber beams which created a striking & visually dynamic structure. Small highly detailed triangular panels, were incorporated into the roof varying in depth for acoustic performance. Plywood and various carefully selected species of fine timber dominate the roof and interior wall spaces.

The Decorative rammed earth walls were used to form the main walls of the Hall in a wave formation for acoustic performance and involved strict levels of attention to detail through formwork and ramming. The walls are exposed both internal & external to the building in conjunction with various species of timber & corrugated iron.

The upmost care and considered attention to detail of all acoustic performing elements & architectural finishes was above all else critical in ensuring the highest quality of finish was achieved.

This is truly a magnificent facility and we are extremely proud to have been awarded the privilege of being trusted to build this facility.